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Inspired by the general misconception of how to cleanse the scalp and hair, the TREATMENT CLEANSING OIL was created to cleanse and retain natural texture without stripping the scalps essential oils, resulting in irritations. Our unique formula loaded with Jojoba esters mimics the scalps natural oils, magnetising impurities while emulsifying excess oil off the scalp. All our formulations have been thoughtfully crafted to work with our clients daily rituals. WATER SOLUBLE . NON GREASE . EASILY APPLIED

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Squeeze an amount of the TREATMENT CLEANSING OIL to fill the center of the palm. Add water and mix till the oil turns into a milky texture. Rub through hair. Rinse. Repeat. Allow to dry naturally over night for best natural texture results (ideal for wavy/curly hair).

Weight 10.25 oz
Dimensions 5.15 × 5.15 × 17.5 cm


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