08 Dec

Sadly, Studio 107 Hair Inc must close its doors again for the next while due to the Coronavirus crises, with Alberta mandating all personal service businesses close from December 13-January 10th.  We are all busy trying to do the clients we had booked in this week already…and doing all we can to get some more clients in before we close (that were already booked in the next few weeks). 

Not an easy task. 

Even with magic, we will not be able to accomodate all we had booked in the coming weeks. We are trying to get as many in as possible. (4 days notice is challenging and disappointing to all). We will be open extended hours until Saturday evening.  

We may only be able to do a few extra quick root touch ups….or quick haircuts without much styling (or any). Highlight appointments a little trickier to “squeeze” in.  We will call all we can to get you in …and do know, from the bottom of our hearts, we apologize to all we can’t see. But we WILL be in touch with everyone that is booked in between December 14- January 9th to reschedule you. You may get an occasional call from a private number, or unknown number, staff may be calling from home numbers, not always from salon.  

This is all so difficult. 😞 

We have chosen to keep our phone lines on hold for most part …as we need to deal with everyone already booked in. We’ll all be making many calls in coming few days…please have patience with us. 🙏 We will not be able to make any brand new bookings until we reopen and get caugh up a little. (Mid-January)  Curbside pick up will be available for all our products, leading up to Christmas, as well as after, until we reopen. You can order through our website (www.studio107.ca) when we are closed, and there will be various pick up times available, and a few local  delivery days.  *To ensure pre-Christmas shopping/curbside pickup before Christmas – please place your order before December 18th. If we do not have item in stock, we will be receiving another shipment or two before Christmas. 

 While we are closed, we will keep in touch with you via our social media platforms, as well as by email/text if necessary, and confirm reopening date (though slated for January 11th at this point – fingers crossed). Keep an eye on our updates.  Thank you. 😘  We all wish you a Merry Christmas (though will be mellow), and a happier New Year. Let’s get through this! Together! 

Diane & entire staff, 

Studio 107 Hair Inc

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