23 May

💕😂 Thank you!!😊💕 Our 1st week back is under our belts….and it felt so good for us all! Almost ‘normal’. 😉 While we navigate our way through these challenging times…we are reminded of all the beauty around us. That includes the people in our lives- the fabulous people that visit us in our chairs at the salon. 🤗 As we are starting to see you again….know you add something extraordinary to our lives too, and we are so grateful to be your stylists.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty. Means the world to us all. We would love to see you all these first weeks back- we are needing to take it week by week, while we arrange and rearrange our schedules – to make it all work with the phase one restrictions we have. We are trying our best to get you in asap. Some clients are choosing to wait for phase 2 or so to come see us…thus shortening the wait. We had cancelled 8 weeks of appointments (some of which last saw us 5 weeks before we closed- being 13+ weeks since we saw them last), as well as many other loyal clients that frequent our salon. Much to reschedule. Hang in there! We should be able to see most of you that want in soon…. within the next ‘1/2 inch ish’ . 😉 We’ll be in touch. Thank you again.

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