07 May

Another long letter. I tried to keep it short, but there is too much information to pass along. 

Over the past few weeks, I have been very busy with everything, especially ensuring we have adequate PPE for when we open, stocking up with as much heavy duty cleaning and sterilizing solutions as possible, securing more supplies for draping our clients, as well as knowing and understanding the guidelines our province has laid out for us on how to proceed, safely.  Much going on.   I have in possession – almost all we need….except for an abundance of masks. I have in hand just enough to start for a few days….with much on order – with just a hope that it can come next week. (is what is expected – though not guaranteed).  Ordered from several supply chains. (may have too much coming if all orders get fulfilled). I started the ordering process 5 weeks ago.  Huge expense too.

Many of us have been very busy learning all we can to be ready for you all. We miss you so.  But we are still in the dark.

Last week, I spoke directly with our MP Dale Nally, Alberta Health Services, and to our Alberta Government through messages.  All of them stated that May 14th opening is not written in stone. This may not happen for May 14th.  They cannot tell us when they will know official date. We have advised that we need to know in advance. We have not yet heard back.

Several of us have been a part of collective zoom meetings, some with hundreds of participants in the personal services sectors, and other small businesses, trying to get answers.  I myself, have spoken directly to our local  MP Dale Nally, a St. Albert City Councillor Jacquie Hansen,  and others, trying to get some clarity for my team, and to be 100% ready for you all.  We have all been busy communicating with groups in our industry learning all we can. This week, a few more of us took part in a few zoom meetings with Rachel Notley and Marie Renault, along with various other MLAs, as well as a few MPs.   

Today, Allie and I were a part of a live zoom press conference…along with approx. 20 stylists &/or owners from Alberta. Our Government has to answer so many questions before we can open properly – AND confirm with us a date to open, with enough notice to arrange our schedules for you all.  All of the stylists that we have been chatting with all have all of the same questions. We all have a long list of unanswered questions. We all had an opportunity to ask just one question – without repeating one another – but all of the questions are ones we have too. It needs to get to our Government quickly – and Rachel Notley is trying to do just that.  Dale Nally has spoken with me, with no answers. A “wait and see” approach. We can’t wait. Need answers.

I have attached the link to today’s press conference for you, that you may see some of on local news sometime today (only available on Facebook as of yet -)  It’s in a box in purple- just below the photo, and encourage you to watch it if you can.  We all sincerely hope to get some clarity to move forward with reopening for you all. (and a date we can start – to best work the schedule to get as many as you in as quickly as we can).  We do miss you terribly, and want to come back safely, responsibly, more than prepared, and able to support ourselves financially on top of it all. 

Click here for Today’s press conference video Hosted by Rachel Notley – to Alberta Governmentt – with Allie & Diane and many other stylists speaking.

Stick with us. We are doing all we can.  Hopefully the press conference will give you some insight to what we our industry is facing, and concerns of my team.  Please know that we are doing our very best for you all, and will be in touch again soon.  Scheduling will be difficult, somehow we WILL make it work out, but not as efficiently and effectively as you all need us to, or we all need to.  We may be open 7 days a week from early mornings to late evenings. At this point – that is what has to happen. Limiting us to 15 people in the salon at any given point. We have 10 hairstylists,  and one nail technician, and will only even be able to have 6 or 7 on, with one client each, no overlapping or double booking. More time will be needed to sanitize everything between each client, more areas of the salon, with less support staff around to help. (so more stylists can work). Perhaps phase 2 we can get back to our regular schedules and seeing more of you, quicker. This we do not know yet either.  Masks will probably be a thing for many, many months to come. Heads up, you may want to ensure you have one to enter – we may not be able to get enough to supply for our clients too. Working on that too.

Stay safe. Thanks for your patience. We will talk soon. xoxo   Diane and all the staff of Studio 107 Hair 

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