26 Apr


Just touching base with you all. We miss you all so much.

Is it just us,  or does it finally feel like spring is finally upon us? Brighter mornings, warmer days & longer evenings. Thank God.  We need this.  These are unprecedented times.  We are all healthy and missing you. It is difficult for us all, still being closed due to Covid-19 mandated closure. We will let you know when we know, when we can reopen, and will be in touch again then. 

We will do our very best to accommodate as many clients as quickly as possible upon our return.  (you know we will – but won’t be able to get everyone in that first week,  especially since no doubt,  there will be limits to how many people can be in the space at the same time, and spacing, etc).  Your safety along with the safety of all our staff will be our top priority.  Our team will make a plan to relaunch that will be the best possible for all of us. 

No doubt our schedules will have to be modified, PPE utilized, and strict guidelines for both the salon and clients will need to be followed,  ensuring best practices for all concerned.  We hope you also can have some schedule flexibility, perhaps a day and time you may not normally be able to come, may be quickest and best option. (Hair grows on ‘company time’ right? So you may need to take a little ‘company time’ to come in  – your colleagues and family will probably appreciate it anyways! 🙂 )

Hang in there with us…..you know we will do our best for you! 

In the meantime, if there are any hair products you need that we carry, please let us know.  Sad but true, this is all we can do for you at this time. 🙁   You can order directly from our website, and we can safe deliver them right to your door! (FREE delivery if within St. Albert or very close by – or curbside pick up if you like –  choose store pick up at checkout and use T8N postal code and make a note in order).  Canada Post delivery otherwise.  This is a good time to treat your hair. Deep condition, air dry, or on the other hand, experiment with totally different styling! You may need some stronger pommades, waxes, sprays or gels to maintain your longer locks! We also have some fantastic root touch up sprays that can cover up some lighter roots, or blend away some darker ones.  #saveyourroots for us! Just spray them away!

Stay safe.  Stay in touch.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you can @studio107hair. You can email if you have any questions about those root sprays, or any product questions too.  studio107hair@gmail.com

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