07 Apr

Hi Everyone!

Well it has been a few weeks since we have had to close due to Covid-19.  We miss you a lot. We wish we could be there for you – and think about you often.  No doubt you wish you could get your hair cut, or colored. We wish we could do it for you.  You are going to have to be strong, and try new ways of styling your hair until we can see you again.  You can get through this – with simple new styling tricks using styling products you either have under your cupboard, or ones we can get to your door safely.

If you need to tidy up your short haircut yourself, just be super cautious. (Less is more these days 😉 ).  If you wear your hair short, just tidy up around the ears or bangs a tiny bit, if you must, with little scissors, or push just push your hair back with gel or pommades/waxes.

If you wear your hair longer, this is a good time to give it extra love.  Do longer conditioning treatments, wear it natural, tie it back, let it dry naturally. Fuss less. Or alternatively, try wearing a totally different style – go curly – go sleek.

If your color is bothering you, roots starting to show, same thing goes. A few options.  Style your hair with a different part. Braid your hair back. Use bobby pins to hide it.  Wear cute caps or hats!  Or perhaps we can send you some  root touch up spray to blend away the regrowth, hide little silvery hairs. R+Co and Oribe both have great ones that we carry.  We also have Fabuloso color conditioners that are pigmented – to enhance your browns, or reds, or coppers, or tone out some gold –  for you blondes.  We would highly advise not trying to box color your hair if you never have.  Just enhance your hair in the meantime-  hide a little root if you need – just do the minimal you have to, until we can get back with you.  (Besides – you are not going out to see too many people in these coming weeks anyways)   If you are still out and about working, thank you, for being an essential service and being there for us all! Stay safe!  But even still, let us help you all get through it, without facing a color correction process upon our return to the salon.

You are in our thoughts. We all want to get back to normal – and for all to be and stay healthy.  If there is anything we can send to you – please let us know. You can  order any products we have in stock on our website.  We will continue to receive products from our manufacturers, as long as they have stock too.  Hang in there.  We are all in this together.  Stay safe. Stay connected.  Stay your beautiful selves….even if the hair is a little longer than usual, or lighter than usual…you are still terrific!

Love ya! Miss ya!   All the ladies at Studio 107 Hair Inc. xoxo

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